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Let CICSF journey with you from your studies to starting your career

从留学至移民, 华咨处为你提供一站式服务


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Alfred Lam


Executive Director of Centre for Immigrant and Community Services


CICS services: (CICS programs open for the non-residents)

CICS Youth HUB Calendars

Ms. Stacie Merritt, King’s

西大安略大学招生主任Admissions and Liaison Officer from King's University College at Western University

大学入学申请 Application of Universities and College

Mr. Franko Marchese 

Kingsway Academy 校长,Principal of Kingsway Academy

中小学入学申请 Application of elementary and secondary school. 

How elementary or secondary school students transfer to Canadian public schools or private schools.

How university student transfer their credits so they may complete university study in Canada.

How Grade 12 students apply for University in Canada

How Hongkong students apply for graduate studies University in Canada

Susan Wong, 黄何婉宜 万锦地产总裁President, Markham Centre Realty Inc. Brokerage

在加拿大租房,以学养房 Housing in Toronto



 怀尔逊 Ryerson University,约克大学 York University,多伦多大学 University of Toronto


Eddie Lee

OneHub总裁, Founder and CEO of OneHub Business

What challenges do you face in the job search?

The current job market situations in Canada.

Job search preparation

The tips to overcome the difficulties.