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Job Postings

If you would like to hire international students please contact
ISWP at:

Hana Don

Number of recruits: 8

Work Location: Markham Square or Pacific Place

Job responsibilities: Sales and customer service

Job requirements:

1. Fluent communication in Cantonese/Mandarin

2. Computer operations/use  of office software 

3. communicating with people, enthusiastic about work, hardworking, willing to learn, and teamwork 

4. Sales experience or telecom company work experience is preferred

Salary: base salary + commission

The company provides paid professional sales training and welcomes new immigrants and international students

JOB TITLES                                                        Looking For

Part-Time Servers                                                      2

Dishwasher/Kitchen Helper                               2

Dumpling King

JOB TITLES                                                        Looking For

Part time server                                                           1

Location: McCowan/Hwy7

Bingz (XiShao Ye)

Position: Front Crew / Kitchen Production / Kitchen helper


More Available positions:

-Manager In Training 5 openings

-Store Manager 2 openings

-Assistant Store Manager 2 openings

-Supervisor 2 openings

The candidate should have a sharp business mind and proven success managing multiple departments toward
maximum productivity. You’ll be highly skilled in human resources, sales revenue, service quality, training,
and team management. The candidate’s ultimate responsibility is to increase our operational efficiency in our company.

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