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About CICS Foundation

CICS Foundation was established in 2001 to help raise funds to support CICS. The Foundation fundraises to help maintain and expand underfunded programs and services at CICS, as well as to pilot new services that are not funded by governments. Funds that are raised through CICS Foundation allows us to allocate additional resources to strengthen our CICS programs and services. CCICS have provided core settlement and integration services in Toronto and York Region. CICS offers Early Years Program for preschoolers, Academic/Artistic/Leadership Programs for children, Social and Educational Services for men, women and seniors, Pre-employment Program and Employment Support Services; Language Training, Settlement Services, Community Garden and Cooking Programs; as well as Volunteer Training and Placement Services. Foodbank Services and Senior’s Meal Delivery Services were created during the pandemic to meet the community’s needs. 

Thank you for considering a donation to CICS Foundation. Your gift to CICS Foundation will provide critical services for newcomer and immigrant children, youth, women, adults, seniors and families in your neighbourhood across Toronto and York Region, including: Early Years Program for preschoolers, academic/artistic/leadership programs for children and youth, pre-employment program and employment support services; language training, settlement services, social and fitness programs for adults and seniors, community garden and cooking programs; as well as volunteer training and placement services.

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