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Our Projects

At CICS Foundation, we make it our mission to provide guidance and support to new comers and immigrants in our community. Through our non-profit programs, we have the ability to create positive change and make a lasting impact. Check out our current projects below and see how we are helping make a difference.

International Student Working Project_Eng.jpg
International Student Working Project
At CICS Foundation, we are dedicated to helping international students succeed by providing job opportunities and resources. We make it our mission to help students find meaningful work that aligns with their skills and ambitions. With our support, you can achieve your professional goals and start building a successful career.
CICS Foundation TD Entrepreneur Club
At CICS Foundation, we are committed to supporting entrepreneurs and helping new comers. With our sponsor TD bank, we offer a wide range of services designed to help you get started and succeed in the world of entrepreneurship.
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