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The Starry Night By CELESTIK Drama Club

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"童年啊,是梦中的真,是真中的梦,是回忆时含泪的微笑!" - 冰心

"Childhood. oh, it is the truth in dreams, the dream in truth, and the tearful smile when remembered. - Bing Xin

Fifty years of childhood memories are buried deep within the soul of a lost individual. This narrative explores the interconnected lives of five people. Could it be a case of someone being overly sensitive, or are these simply typical human reactions? Is the fate of every individual, whether fortunes or misfortunes, truly predetermined? This drama unfolds around four students and their teacher, culminating in a perilous game that threatens their very lives!


 埋藏於心底五十年的童年往事,纒繞著的是五個人的恩怨,是某人對事件的反應過敏?還是世道人心本該如此?每個人的際遇好壞真的是天注定的嗎? 一個關於四個學生及一位老師的往事,最後以一場玩命的遊戲作終結!

CELESTIK Drama Club's generous donation of all proceeds from their play The Starry Night to CICS Foundation is greatly appreciated. With their support, we can continue to work towards creating a better future for new Commers. Thank you!

Date: May, 17, 2024

Tickets: $33.54 - $103.54

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location: 102-1000 New Westminster Drive Vaughan ON  L4J 8G3

Celestik Drama Club is a theatrical performing arts group with a preponderance of Chinese members. The club is dedicated to fostering research, exploration, and development of performing arts and talent training. We offer opportunities for amateur performers, people who have potentials to exhibit their skills and abilities on stage. We are committed to serving the community through a wide range of performance arts forms. 
Our goal is to offer courses, seminars, training sessions, and organize large-scale performances. We try strive to generate high-quality works through studies, creations, and discussions. 

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